The Russian Federal Bar Association (RFBA)

The Russian Federal Bar Association (RFBA) was founded on January 31st, 2003 by the decision of the 1st All-Russian Congress of Advocates


The Russian Federal Bar Association (RFBA) acts on the basis of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Federal Law “On Non-Commercial Organizations”, Federal Law “On Advocate’s Activity and the Bar in the Russian Federation”, and the Charter of the RFBA, approved by the 1st All-Russian Congress of Advocates. It comprises 85 regional bars on the basis of obligatory membership. In its turn, each regional bar comprises all advocates residing in this region based on obligatory membership.


An advocate in the Russian Federation is a person who has received advocate’s status and the right to perform legal practice under the Federal Law of May 31, 2002 No.63 “On Advocate’s Activity and the Bar in the Russian Federation”.

The state ensures advocate’s independence; in his turn, an advocate is not entitled to hold governmental and municipal office.

Advocates are subject to high professional requirements: a candidate for acquiring advocate’s status has to pass a complicated qualifying examination; all members of the bar must constantly upgrade their professional qualifications; an advocate is subject to disciplinary liability for professional misconduct up to disbarment. These measures are aimed at keeping legal assistance at a high level.

There are approximately 80 000 advocates in Russia, and their number is increasing every year, about 59 % of them are men and 41 % are women.

According to the Federal Law, the Russian Federal Bar Association coordinates the activity of regional bars, ensures high quality of the legal assistance provided by advocates, represents interests of advocates and bars in governmental authorities of the Russian Federation.

The decisions of the RFBA and its bodies made within the limits of their authority are obligatory for all regional bars and advocates.

The activity of the RFBA and its members is based on the principles of legality, self-governance, equality of members as well as the ideals of law, justice, and the best traditions of the Russian bar.