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29 may 2020
Legal Profession to Become More United
Konstantin Dobrynin, Council Member and State Secretary of the RFBA, attended the international roundtable dedicated to discussion of challenges the legal profession is facing during the coronavirus pandemic
7 april 2020
Freedom of Movement for Advocates Should Be Ensured
The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation asks the heads of regions of the Russian Federation to create conditions for advocates to provide professional legal aid to citizens in the situation when restrictive measures are applied aimed at fighting the pandemic
31 december 2019
Happy New Year!
Dear colleagues! Dear friends!
13 november 2019
Development of Friendly Relations
A meeting with representatives of the Law Society of England and Wales was held in the RFBA
27 june 2019
Meeting with the Head of the International Arbitration Center
On June 27, Sarah Grimmer, Secretary General of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center, visited the Russian Federal Bar

Digital Technologies in the Work of Advocates and Lawyers

22 september 2020

On September 21, an online international conference dedicated to the future of legal profession took place

The event was organized by the French National Bar Council. Ranco Pelicarić, President of the CCBE; Louis-Bernard Buchman, President of the International and European Affairs Commission of the French National Bar Council; Olivier Cousi, President of the Paris Bar; Melissa Pang, President of the Law Society of Hong Kong; David Greene, Vice-President and President-Elect of the Law Society of England and Wales; Patrick Goudreau, President of the International Committee of the Montreal Bar, were among the speakers.

The Russian Federal Bar Association (RFBA) was represented by Elena Avakyan, Council Member.

Transformation of the legal profession, the impact of the technological revolution and pandemic on the core values of the legal profession, digitalization of the justice system, procedural guarantees and the role of bars were discussed at the conference.

According to Ranko Pelicarić, President of the CCBE, the implementation of digital technologies has allowed to keep access to justice during the pandemic but new risks related to the quality of the online hearings have occurred. One of the main challenges for the legal profession under the new circumstances is to enjoy advantages of digitalization and minimize negative impacts and risks.

Mr. Pelicarić also told about the project AI4Lawyers which has started on April 1 2020 and will run for two years. Among the main objectives of the project are the creation of an overview of the average level of the IT capabilities of lawyers and law firms in the EU and promotion of the guide on the use of AI for EU lawyers and law firms by using the various partners’ communication tools.

Melissa Pang, President of the Law Society of Hong Kong, noticed the rapid technological development in the law field and the need for the law firms to implement them in their work. New technologies should help lawyers to promote one of the core values of the profession: the defense of the Rule of Law.

Elena Avakyan, Council Member of the RFBA, told about the digitalization process in the legal field in Russia. Complex information system entitled Legal Profession of Russia developed by the RFBA should improve the interaction between advocates and courts, the project of the Russian Unified Legal Platform is aimed to organize a sustainable and safe interaction between advocates and clients, and the Unified Federal Registry may contain comprehensive information about advocates and law firms.

David Green, Vice-President and President-Elect of the Law Society of England and Wales, mentioned about a special role of the bars which interact both with advocates and public authorities. According to him, the collecting information about the work of courts under the new conditions and about problems which the advocates are facing with, should be among the main tasks for the bars and will allow to solve the issues promptly.